PetalBud is a colour-centric online flower company. Our experienced team take pride in creating stunning arrangements. Our passion for flowers and our commitment to excellence is evident in every bouquet we create. Our one-of-a-kind colour-curated range of bouquets is designed to help you to express yourself and quickly find the colour that suits your needs.


We started with a simple mission: to bring beautiful, one-of-a-kind, designer luxury bouquets to everyone in the United Kingdom, offering only the freshest, longer-lasting flowers at the most competitive price points. Very quickly, we realised that many people are just like my mom. She loves yellow flowers. She says they make her happy. So much so that yellow is the only colour of flowers I ever buy her. As we started to speak to people, they seemed more often than not to slip into our floral chats in their favourite flower colour. As a design lead company, we quickly realised that that was true for us, too. The more we dug, the more we discovered colour’s vital role. Whether synonymous with a person or indicative of a mood or a feeling, favourite flower colours are often the driving factor behind bouquet selections. Born out of the need for colour-centric flowers designed with colour in mind, we work around the principle of 3-colour max. We are so obsessed with colour that we have created a colour swatch filter throughout our site, making it easy for you to browse and search our colour-curated collection by colour and find your perfect bunch.


Colours play a vital role in our lives and how we respond to our surroundings. The colours you surround yourself with can influence your perspective and emotions. Colour can make us feel a certain way when we see it depending on whether we like that particular colour or not. We can also associate memories and thoughts with certain colours. It is a powerful communication tool that can signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions.

Our flower bouquets are designed by colour to make it easy to find the perfect petal or bud to suit the mood and occasion. From playful pinks to velvet purples and bold reds to classic white, we have a bouquet for every person, moment or emotion. From regal purples to sunny yellows, perfect for brightening your day. We love to add colour to your life. Dramatic or calming, casual or elegant, find the perfect bouquet to express your love, affection or appreciation or even to compliment a particular room — petalBud flowers by colour.


We are driven by the need to deliver our customers extraordinary, designer, colour-curated bouquets. We pride ourselves on sourcing the most sustainable varieties of fresh seasonal flowers to ensure our stunning bouquets and arrangements are created using only the highest quality flowers with the most sustainable footprint.

Bouquet of purple magnum chrysanthemums and roses with yellow and peach flowers for accent colour.


We care about our world, and sustainability matters to us. We are constantly looking to find new ways to improve our footprint. Our commitment to environmental sustainability begins at the bud, considering fair employment practices, energy consumption, community and carbon impact. Our range is seasonal and, whenever possible, supplied by British-grown or international growers selected for their quality and commitment to the best sustainably sourced seasonal stems.

We only pick the best stems for your flowers. Each is carefully selected, arranged and packaged by our experienced florists, who lovingly hand-tie each bouquet, ready to surprise and delight our customers. We use Forest Stewardship Council® approved recyclable materials and scannable QR codes in our packaging to produce as little waste as possible – without compromising the quality of your flowers or our own personal values.

sustainable flower growers
trimming stems on a bouquet with a stem cutter
Close-up of a red rose in a colourful bouquet of mamba lilies roses and hydrangeas in the office


We know how important it is to receive fresh, quality flowers on time. Especially when sending flowers for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. That’s why we created our PetalBud Happiness Guarantee, which extends past our seven days of freshness guarantee. If your flowers do not arrive on time, or meet our quality standards, please get in touch by emailing us – and we will do our best to make things right.


FREE courier delivery on all our bouquets. Orders for Next Day delivery (from our Next Day collection) must be received before 4pm Monday to Friday and by 1pm on Sunday for a Monday delivery, throughout most of to the UK. Please check the delivery page for details and exclusions.


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