Skip the ordinary and go for the extraordinary, make their birthday as unique as their birth flower

Ready to transform a simple bouquet into a personalised gifting masterpiece? Our birthday collection is your secret weapon to finding the perfect match. Whether it’s the elegant Carnation, the charming Iris, or the cheerful Daffodil, we’ve got you covered. Every birth month has its own special flower. It’s like nature’s way of giving everyone a floral spirit plant! January rocks the Carnation, February flaunts the Iris, and March boasts the Daffodil – and the list goes on! Don’t worry, we’ve got the ultimate birth month flower guide to make you look like the botanical genius you are. Our birthday flower bouquet collection is not just your average bunch of flowers; it’s a colourful burst of joy and meaning that is sure to impress. Each bouquet celebrates their birthday and incorporates their birth flower. It’s like handing them a piece of nature’s magic wrapped in love and care.

THE HISTORY OF Birth Flowers

For centuries, people around the world have been giving flowers to celebrate special occasions. Birth flowers have been around for a long time and are known throughout the world. Many believe birth month flowers originated as far back as the Roman empire when people first began celebrating their birthdays. These celebrations included decorating the altars of Roman gods with flowers. Often the most popular or readily available flowers were also given as gifts to those born in that month. Eventually, each flower became known for a particular month, and the tradition continued. In the Victorian era, meanings were attributed to flowers as a way to communicate a message without speaking out loud. These meanings are super interesting to look at today. Some even say they connect with your personality, like the concept of zodiac signs.


Browse our birth month flowers below to find out more about your traditional primary and secondary birth month flowers.

January birth flower pink carnations

The Carnation is January’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Snowdrop. Learn more about January birth flowers

The Iris is February’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Violet. Learn more about February birth flowers

close up of a iris which is the birth month flower of February
March birth flower bunch of white and yellow daffodil flowers

The Daffodil is March’s birth flower, which is sometimes called the Jonquil. Learn more about March birth flowers

The Daisy is April’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Sweet pea. Learn more about April birth flowers

Close-up macro shot of daisy pollen and petals
arial shot of a small bouquet arrangement of Lilly of the valley

The Lily of the Valley is May’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Hawthorn. Learn more about May birth flowers

The Rose is June’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Honeysuckle. Learn more about June birth flowers

Close up shot of a single red rose
Cultivated Larkspur growing in July for bouquets and arrangements

The Larkspur is July’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Water Lily. Learn more about July birth flowers

The Gladiolus is August’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Poppy. Learn more about August birth flowers

close up of Pink and white gladiolus flowers
Birth flower September blue field of Aster daisy flowers in September

The Aster is September’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Morning Glory. Learn more about September birth flowers

The Marigold is October’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Cosmos. Learn more about October birth flowers

Golden marigolds October birth flower
Close up Pink and Red Chrysanthemum flowers in a bouquet

The Chrysanthemum is November’s birth flower. Learn more about November birth flowers

The Narcissus is December’s primary birth flower, and the secondary birth flower is the Holly. Learn more about December birth flowers

Five Paperwhite Narcissus flowers for December birth month


January Carnation Snowdrop Fascination, Love and Remembrance
February Violet Primrose Faithfulness, Modesty and Humility
March Daffodil Rebirth, Rejuvenation and Hope
April Daisy Sweet Pea Purity, True Love and New Beginnings
May Lily of the Valley Hawthorn Maternity, Humility and Sweetness
June Rose Honeysuckle Love and Romance
July Larkspur Water lily Positivity, Grace and Dignity
August Gladiolus Poppy Strength, Integrity, Infatuation and Remembrance
September Aster Morning Glory Wisdom, Nobility and Love
October Marigold Cosmos Courage, Creativity and Passion
November Chrysanthemum Longevity, Loyalty and Joy
December Narcissus Holly Respect, Faithfulness, and Well Wishes

WHY TWO Birth Flowers

While not every birth month has two flowers, several months, such as January, April, and August, do. Although there is no official documented reason for this, it is believed that the birth flower and a secondary flower because different cultures associated certain flowers with a particular month. This is similar to the way that some people have a zodiac star sign and a Chinese Zodiac sign. Not all cultures agree on which flowers correspond to which months; some flowers aren’t as available in different regions. A great example of this is the birth flower for the month of January, which is the Carnation which is native to the Mediterranean, and Snowdrop, which comes from snowy regions in Europe and the Middle East, while the birth flower for the month of March is Daffodil and Jonquil.

Birth flowers have been around for many generations. They are historically the most popular flower designated for each month and usually tie into the season when they bloom. Many flowers also have cultural or religious associations from ancient times. For example, the hawthorn was known as Mary’s Flower of May.

In our lives today, birth flowers are a wonderful way to mark an occasion, from birthdays to marriages to funerals. They are also great if you are struggling to find a gift, as a simple bouquet of birth month flowers makes it more thoughtful.



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